Code of Conduct

We welcome your son/daughter to S.Y.A and hope they will have many years of fun and enjoyment learning with us. Here at S.Y.A we like to build a strong sense of commitment, team and belonging. We feel this contributes immensely to the overall learning process, and helps the student really understand what it means to be part of a theatre group.


Swindon Young Actors provides a safe and secure environment for all students attending our classes. We are dedicated to developing the creative potential and confidence of every student and committed to providing high quality tuition in various aspects of the performing arts. Alongside the development of individual dramatic skills and acting techniques students also work towards developing personal life skills such as self-control, co-operation and discipline which go hand in hand with acting skills and are equally important for success.


  • 1: S.Y.A expects all students to attend classes regularly and on time.
    • We operate a 'three strikes and out' policy that requires students to notify the office if they will be absent from class due to illness or holidays. More than two un-notified absences or habitual absence from class for any reason other than ill health will result in the cancellation of a studentís place. This might sound harsh but a level of commitment is important for both individual and group success at all levels. It is also extremely important that students involved in performances do not let the rest of their team down by missing rehearsals.
  • 2: S.Y.A expects all individuals to aspire to the highest standards of class work, rehearsals presentation and performance.
  • 3: S.Y.A expects all students to positively contribute to a learning environment where each person is valued as an individual and respected equally. We emphasise co-operation and team.
  • 4: S.Y.A expects each student to maintain a high standard of behaviour (self-control) and a positive attitude to teacher-student and student-student relationships (co-operation).
    • Any student who deliberately disrupts an activity or engages in behaviour intended to distract or cause annoyance to other students will be asked to sit out of the activity for a period of time (length of time-out will be relevant to the age and experience of student.
  • 5: S.Y.A expects each student at SYA to respect the work of other individuals and to be considerate of the beliefs and opinions of others and to contribute collaboratively through positive involvement.
  • 6: SYA students are expected to listen carefully to and follow instructions that are aimed at keeping them safe and to avoid engaging in actions that may cause injury or impair health and safety procedures.
  • 7: S.Y.A expects all teachers & students to take pride in themselves as individuals and members of a team.


  • 1: High standards of SYA uniform and appropriate footwear must be worn by all students to class, rehearsals and at all other times when they are representing SYA.
    • We wear our colours for several reasons a: it helps with the sense of belonging and identity b: it means we don't have to wear our best clothes to class c: It means we are not slaves to fashion! d: It helps us look professional when we are out and about at festivals and residentials and e: It makes us more equal
  • 2: Eating/chewing gum/smoking is not allowed on the premises.
  • 3: Mobile phones must be switched off or turned to silent mode during class time.
  • 4: Students must not touch anything that belongs to the premises unless instructed by the teacher.
  • 5: Students are responsible for leaving the space in which they are working clean and tidy at the end of class and putting away any furniture, props or equipment that they have been using.


We are committed to motivating and challenging our students to reach standards that they will take pride in. We encourage them to reflect on and evaluate their own presentations and those of others making effective use of knowledge and skills gained in class. These opportunities to review work help to develop productive and constructive collaborative work and build confidence and trust in one another which encourages a friendly and supportive environment in which self-expression and creativity are able to flourish..


S.Y.A hopes that parents will encourage and support their son or daughter to read and honour our code of conduct which is the framework within which our objectives and expectations as teachers, students and parents might be realised.


We feel this little bit of discipline helps students to tune in to the group and improves commitment, focus and concentration, as well as contributing to life skill development.